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 Horse Makeovers
  Patti Dammier PHD

A Positive Method For Training Horses

Horse Makeovers offers

Goalkeeper Training

Step-by-step methods to promote and teach the positive method of behavior modification for the training of horses and provide additional information of interest. Provided are resources to help you in your resolve to effectively work with horses without using unnecessary force.

Horse Makeovers™
For anyone eager to learn an educated approach to training horses, this guidebook is the right one for you. It contains step-by-step lessons and powerful tools of behavior modification that will help horse trainers and riders create high-performance horses. Also, the book utilizes proven scientific research, resources of learning theory, and techniques of positive motivation to achieve results

Our purpose is to promote and teach the postive method of behavior modification for the training of horses.

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Teach your Horse a Safe Cue

Fox Stands at liberty & ridden

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